MANTHAN Pehchan Project (TI Plus)

MANTHAN has been running the Target intervention projects awareness of HIV/AIDS among the MSM & FSW sponsored by JSACS and Pehchan (MTH) Project sponsored by SAATHII in Dhanbad District. MSM TI project works with only 518 populations of MSM groups, 752 population of FSW group & 2000 above MTH (MSM, TG, HIJRA) groups in Dhanbad district. TI follows all activities which has assigned by JSACS. The current year strategies of MANTHAN working with JSACS & SAATHII partners are to implement the TI & Pehchan project's community residing in Dhanbad district, Jharkhand. Our Strategies will be to promote awareness generation among the high risk behavior groups about various aspects for the prevention and control of HIV/AIDS, behavior change communication, promotion of condoms usage for safer sex i.e. enabling environment, and fighting against HIV/AIDS. MANTHAN has expertise and well experience in the field of HIV/AIDS. It is familiar with various aspect of this deadly disease. The organization has capability to implement of TI project with effective and better output in the proposed project area during the year. This major intervention program has been supported by SAATHHI from Kolkata office.