Medical Camp

One Medical camp has been organized in the rural areas on 5/8/2015 in which about 62 mothers were participated. In this health camps the issue like Mother and Child Care, Nutrition, RCH, Malaria etc. Doctors, Health and Nutrition specialist from the district head quarter came and attend the camps as resource persons. Women and adolescents all together were participated and benefited from those camps. This has enhanced their knowledge on health issues.

Observance World AIDS Day

Halt HIV/AIDS is one of the prime focuses of the global community today. To combat the spread of HIV/AIDS our organization organized camps with the Youths (male) in the area to inform regarding the disease and how to be safe from this disease. This year we have observed World AIDS Day on 1/12/2015. The youth were participated in the rally with plucked, festoons and symbols. 110 youths were participated the program and a rally has been organized to aware the general people in the area in which youths and local people also participated.

Fight Against HIV

All we know that HIV is one of the biggest threat to Human Civilization. WHO estimates that during the first decade of the HIV/AIDS pandemic there were about 500000 cases of AIDS in women and children, most of which have been unrecognized. During the 1990s, WHO estimates that the pandemic will kill an additional 3 million or more women and children worldwide. HIV infection among heterosexual populations has been increasing throughout the world during the 1980s. AIDS has become the leading cause of death for women aged 20-40 in major cities in the Americas, Western Europe, and sub-Saharan Africa. In these cities, infant and child mortality could be as much as 30% greater than what would otherwise have been expected. During the near future, not only can hundreds of thousands of paediatric AIDS cases be expected, but also more than a million uninfected children will be orphaned because their HIV-infected mothers and fathers will have died from AIDS. HIV/AIDS was first discovered among self-identified young gay-men in the USA, and throughout the course of the global epidemic, consistently high levels of HIV/AIDS infection due to unsafe sex. Several strategies have been thought off and implemented to combat HIV/AIDS spread globally i.e. Awareness creation through behavior change communication, Counseling, Condom promotion, Integrated Counseling and Testing (ICT), Peer education & motivation, Counseling of the target group & their communities as a part of preventive measures and so on. As far as Care and Support strategies are concerned i.e. Community awareness regarding myth and stigma, Referral for HIV testing and antiretroviral treatment (ART), Building ownership of the issues through community mobilization, Creating an enabling environment in the area is much required.

In India, the HIV epidemic spreads alongside a complex intersection of social and societal issues as difficult to resolve as the disease. Anyone effected with HIV status is serious vulnerable in today's society. To know detail about HIV we have to know its meaning, how is spreads? How to combat its spread? HIV stands for 'human immunodeficiency virus': 'human' because the virus causes disease only in people; 'immunodeficiency' because the immune system, which normally protects a person from disease, becomes weak; 'virus' because like all virus, HIV is a small organism that infects living things and uses them to make copies of itself. HIV causes AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome). AIDS is a group of diseases that occur when a person's immune system is damaged by HIV.

In Dhanbad area of Jharkhand state, where thousands of young people came for job in coal mines, small factories, shops and establishment and as construction worker are the biggest threat of HIV infection. Our organizational has been taken a massive intervention for awareness creation supported by JASSCS and SAATHII.