Beautician Training

Beauty culture is not a work but it has much deeper significance. An attractive appearance has become pre-requisite to move forward in life. Training in Beauty Culture & Hair Dressing helps not only in personal Grooming but is Career Oriented also. The theoretical and Practical Training in beauty culture imparted to the girls helps them in establishing themselves .Women are now becoming more beauty, health and fashion conscious day by day and pay more attention to body build up as well as hair style concern as part of their personality development. This has resulted in steep rise in the number of Beauty Parlours providing services of beautician for makeup, hair setting, and application of hair dye, body massage, and yoga exercise and so on. Such parlours are become very popular in early community and locality.

To equip the Beauty parlours, there is a great demand of trained personnel. Again during marriage ceremony there is a great demand of Beautician/Beauty parlours. Based on the above demand and modern trends in the field of beauty culture, the said training program has been designed to equip the young women of the area to make employed and self-employed locally. To fulfil the above demand, we have organizes one training in which 30 women participated and trained on Beautician.